Jitaku 字宅

Learn Japanese Kanji


Printable training sheet (原稿用紙)


Learn how to write more than 2500 kanji using Spaced Repetition System.
The system will determine when you need to review each kanji and help you do it in an efficient way.
With Jitaku, you learn and remember how to read kanji, but also how to write them.



With integrated JMDICT dictionary, search through more than 180000 vocabulary entries and keep all the vocabulary you search in your mind thanks to included SRS system.

The search experience is very fast as it does not require any internet access.


Text reader

Read Japanese text using the integrated reader.
Check vocabulary word you don't know in one tap, and create SRS flash card containing context sentence in one other tap.
Practice writing while reading.
The system will hide kanji adapted to your current level.
Import any text you like into the reader.


Optimized for iPad

Optimized to take advantage of the larger iPad screens.


Awesome features

Customize your screen with multiple color themes and widgets to add to your home screen.
Keep motivated by setting a goal and monitoring your progress day by day.
With the kanji banner, identify and review at a glance the kanji you failed to write during the day.



Hello, I am Stephane (aka thaos), an independant developer and language enthusiast. I created Jitaku after noticing that I could barely handwrite any kanji despite having learned Japanese for more than 10 years and holding JLPT N1.

I have put all my efforts trying to incorporate all my learning experience and make the memorization process as fast and enjoyable as possible. Learning Japanese is a long and beautiful journey, and I really hope Jitaku can accompany you even during a small part of the trip.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me and supported me during the development process. I would also like to thank you for reading until here, and would be happy to read from you if you have any feedback or question.